Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester & Grow

The Fogbow is a community of people who enjoy following fringe political movements in American politics. Originally formed in 2009 and dedicated to debunking the “birther” movement, we have evolved as the birther movement faded in the rear view mirror.

Today the only birthers worth talking about are Ted Cruz birthers, and the various lawsuits challenging his eligibility are following the familiar pattern of the past 7½ years – they’re all being tossed by the courts for lack of standing and justiciability.  Thus, we now focus primarily on the “sovereign citizen” movement, the so-called “patriot” movement, and on various currency revaluation scams.

However, our community does follow many other topics, from the 2016 presidential race to technology and science and mathematics, and from the latest books and TV shows to the innumerable tragic mass shootings in this great nation.

We have these things mostly in common: Most, but not all of us are Democrats. Most, but not all of us have college degrees, and in many cases advanced degrees. Most, but not all of us are liberals.  Most, but not all of us live in the United States, though we have many members in other countries. We have a lot of lawyers, due to the many, many lawsuits the birthers had in the past.  But we also have professionals from many other walks of life. Our members have a vast storehouse of information and experiences. Plus snark. Our snark is the best.

The heart of our community is our forum.

Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow