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You’ve just hit upon the best community on the web, a group of mostly liberal contributors from across the US and the world. Join us to discuss politics and current events, with a strong focus on right-wing conspiracy theorists in the US and other threats to democracy.

We are not a news site; we’re a discussion board. But over the years, we’ve grown to become a community, and we’ve had in-person meetups all across the US.

Fogbow began immediately following the inauguration of President Obama in January 2009, as a counterpoint to the birther movement. Lo these many moons later, the birther movement is dead and instead we follow the sovereign citizen movement, and politics in general.

In February 2021, our hosting company lost my virtual private server without explanation, and was unable to restore it. Thus, we now have two sites:

Fogbow Reborn, which is our current, main discussion forum, and,
Formerly Fogbow, which is the state of our board when 1&1 Hosting lost the server.

Formerly Fogbow is frozen in time: No new registrations, no new posts, no new threads, nothing. All new comments and discussions are on Fogbow Reborn, also known as simply Fogbow.