About Us

The Fogbow is an organized gathering of intelligent light that shines into the dark corners of the Internet. We debunk the conspiracy theories of the Sovereign Citizens and the Birthers.  We also keep a sharp eye on various other fringe groups who use the Web to spread falsehoods and intolerance.

A fogbow is formed when sunlight strikes fog. Our mission is to strike sunlight on the dark miasma of hatred, suspicion and lies that took form during the 2008 presidential election and still spreads today. We challenge unsupported conspiracy theories and monitor potentially violent fringe groups. Join our forum to participate in the discussion, or just to follow along.

We mock, we snark, we have fun. We examine the merits of arguments in ongoing court cases. We give you indisputable debunking material. We provide accurate and important information to journalists and law enforcement.

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Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow