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New Research: Tinder’s Opaque, Unfair Pricing Algorithm Can Charge Users Up to Five-Times More For Same Service

By Mozilla | Feb. 8, 2022 | Advocacy

Mozilla and Consumers International also found that Tinder Plus can offer up to 31 unique prices in a single country, and that older users are often charged more
Meanwhile, Tinder provides no meaningful transparency into how prices are determined.

(BRAZIL, INDIA, THE NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, & U.S. | FEBRUARY 8, 2022) — Tinder Plus users around the world must engage with an opaque and unfair personalized pricing algorithm, according to new research by Mozilla and Consumers International.

The research — which spanned five continents — reveals that within a single country, consumers can be quoted up to 31 unique price points for a Tinder Plus subscription. Further, some people are charged up to five times more for the exact same service: In the Netherlands, prices ranged from $4.45 to $25.95. In the U.S., they ranged from $4.99 to $26.99.

Consumers International and Mozilla also determined that Tinder’s personalized pricing algorithm can charge older users more money. On average across the six countries investigated, 30-49 year-olds were charged 65.3% more than 18-29 year-olds. This is occurring even after Tinder faced a $24 million lawsuit for unfair pricing based on age in California.

To complement this research, Mozilla and Consumers International surveyed consumers about personalized pricing. Out of 598 people surveyed, 97% reported some level of concern about the practice. Further, 83% of those surveyed were in favor of an option to opt out of personalized pricing.

https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog/ ... e-service/

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Re: Tinder


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Well, (1) it's Tinder.
(2) It's Tinder.
And (3) It's Tinder.

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Re: Tinder


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Tinder, the Number 4 source of relationship problems on various Reddit subs. Idiots just don't know when to quit being idiots.

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