► ► FEMA Camp Revisited -- should I get rid of it?

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Re: ► ► FEMA Camp Revisited -- should I get rid of it?


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The fact is the amount of violence on the Alt-Right side means they are the more pressing problem than any small amount of violent leftists that are floating about, and deserve far greater discussion and action. Not any "on both sides" bullshit
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Re: ► ► FEMA Camp Revisited -- should I get rid of it?


Post by boots »

Okay, I'll say it.

Calling someone a "nazi_______" - meaning a "nazi anything" whether enabler or sympathizer, when they clearly aren't, is offensive and frankly stupid. It's only about a tenth of a step away from comparing someone you don't agree with to Hitler.

It is entirely possible to discuss a subject without agreeing with it. It's entirely possible to be critical of certain persons on the left without being a full-blown rabid pro-Trump wanna-be Nazi alt-right whatever.

Jeffrey isn't here to troll, IMO. He is known to comment on other sites about sovcit issues and has a youtube channel which regularly discusses them.

I think a bigger problem than "Jeffrey" expressing his opinion (though an unpopular one here) is the pile-on antics, and the attempts to artfully and subtly show disdain for him because of the fact that it is suspected he doesn't have "approved" politics. It isn't likely to draw anyone to this forum who doesn't already agree in lockstep with the general political consensus here. Which is fine if that's your goal. But from what I read, it's not.

If being some form of self-identifying democrat is a requirement to post here, that should be in the rules, too.

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Re: ► ► FEMA Camp Revisited -- should I get rid of it?


Post by kate520 »

Jeffrey wrote:
Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:52 pm
Well we got these guys in blue uniforms that step in to deal with the alt right when they cross the line into committing criminal acts.
As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police ‘Never Moved’
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Re: ► ► FEMA Camp Revisited -- should I get rid of it?


Post by Jeffrey »

He was subsequently arrested and charged criminally so I'm not sure where you're going with this.

But circling back to what got this all started. The discussion was how to prevent violence, my position was non engagement based on observing that the counter protest strategy has only resulted in violence and emboldening the extremists within the alt right. If you wanna advocate for tripling down on a failed strategy that's your problem.

And Suranis' proposed proportionality doctrine is a far cry from the "zero discussion of far left violence is allowed" position that appears to be the underlying premise here.

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