Rumble v. Google

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Rumble v. Google


Post by raison de arizona »

If you listen to Dan Bongino, you'll already know about the biggest lawsuit in US history. I listen to Bongino so you don't have to. Anyhoo, Rumble, which Bongino has an investment stake in, is suing Google. The basic premise of the lawsuit is that if you search, oh, how to change the blinker fluid on your car, Google will return hits from Youtube on top, even if Rumble also has an excellent video on how to change blinker fluid. Because Google owns Youtube. Unfair!

Rumble just survived a Google motion to dismiss, so now Bongino is crowing Discovery! Discovery!

Some docs:

The OG:
The denial to dismiss decision: ... ismiss.pdf

Here are a couple sympathetic articles, this site feels like it is associated with Bongino somehow, but I haven't done my homework on it yet. ... discovery/

We all await the fabled discovery with bated breath. I am sure.
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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by RTH10260 »

So now Orly Taitz gets to depose Bill Gates Obama at a black laquer table :?: :twisted:
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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by Slim Cognito »

You're a better human than I am. Thanks for taking one for the team.
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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by Tiredretiredlawyer »

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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by bob »

Rumble, a competitor of YouTube, filed a lawsuit alleging Google (nee Alphabet) acted in an antitrust, monopolistic manner. Google sought to dismiss (or strike) a portion of the complaint, and the judge said no.

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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by Flatpoint High »

RTH10260 wrote: Tue Aug 02, 2022 1:15 pm So now Orly Taitz gets to depose Bill Gates Obama at a black laquer table :?: :twisted:
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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by orlylicious »

Dang! Couldn't find that handsome black lacquer table from her house on Google, I'm sure I have it on a removable HDD somewhere. Google has dropped a ton of Orly photos from search, not many at all compared to what it was. Orly should SUE!

BUT! Dug deep and found a treasure... a beautiful photo of Orly and young Foggy when he and Wifehorn first went to see her! Adorbs. :thumbsup:

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Re: Rumble v. Google


Post by Foggy »

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