MoCo Students for Change March in DC - Mar 14 2019 Against Gun Violence

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MoCo Students for Change March in DC - Mar 14 2019 Against Gun Violence


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Washington City Paper
D.C.-Area Students Plan Thursday Walkout and Protest Against Gun Violence

They will take the Metro and march from the White House to the Capitol.

Sitting on the ground with both legs folded, Ruby Brayton, 18, is focused on cutting out perfectly shaped hearts. She stacks them up one on top of another as several other students follow her lead. These students, better known as the organization MoCo Students for Change, plan on placing 1,000 hearts on a banner that they will ultimately mail out to schools affected by gun violence.

This is not the only assignment the students have planned this week.

On Thursday, they will lead a walkout against gun violence throughout the D.C. area. Students will walk out of their schools, march to their nearest Metro station (some schools have buses which will pick them up and drive them to the nearest station), rally in front of the White House at 10 a.m., and then march to the Capitol in an effort to spread their message.

“Honestly, last year was testament to how powerful students are and how much power we have in this movement,” says Brayton, a senior at Blake High School and a founding member of MoCo Students for Change. “And how much people are willing to fight for what they believe in despite the older generation telling us that we’re just kids.”

MoCo Students for Change started last year as a small, student-run grassroots organization with a plan to conduct a walkout. After thousands of students participated in the first walkout, the organization realized there was a need to continue their message. From that day until now, the organization has grown to change their original name, MoCo for Gun Control; welcome more student members; lobby on Capitol Hill; host voter registration drives in all 25 Montgomery County public high schools; register 2,500 new voters; conduct two sits-in in front of Rep. Paul’s Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) office, which lead to members being arrested; and partner with the organization called Change the Ref to open an art exhibition in D.C.’s Chinatown about ending gun violence.

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