school daze (How we learned our NBCs)

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school daze (How we learned our NBCs)


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freepers [/break1]com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=6762&start=150#p528476]winodog (see post at the top of prev page) and null and void seem to have had the same school teacher:

"So a child born to a military family outside the US but in a US military hospital is not a natural born citizen? Hey, McCain .....!"

[/break1]]Back when I was a Marine Corps brat, being taught in an elementary school on a Marine Corps airbase, that is precisely what they taught us.

I believe the 'rats used the power of the press and the magic of open primaries to select McCain, the weakest available candidate, for that exact reason; it prevented the 'pubs from challenging obama's bona fides...apparently, null and void has been saying so since oct 2008:

"Unless you can point to a legal finding defending this statement, I am going to assume this your own opinion and assertion. You can find U.S. citizens born on military installations all over the world. This assertion is patently untrue."

[/break1]]It's what they taught us Marine Corps Brats, in a school on the base, being taught by teachers hired by and supervised by the Marines. We were told explicitly that this meant those of us born overseas couldn't hold the Office of the President.

Whether that is correct or not we may know by the end of this election it turns out, two presidential election cycles weren't enough to disabuse him of any birfer troofisms. maybe three's the charm? (cruz/jindal 2016 byatches!)

Edit: added winodog link

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school daze (How we learned our NBCs)


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I wonder how much the law and the Constitution would vary from generation to generation if the prevailing authority was based on what people think.
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school daze (How we learned our NBCs)


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I've mentioned before that my proof of US citizenship is a US consular report of child born to citizens abroad -- I was born in England, while my parents were both US citizens. In fact, my father was in the US Army at the time, so I guess my situation (vis-a-vis NBC) was exactly that of John McCain.

But I grew up "knowing" two things:

That I would be eligible for dual citzenship at least until age 18, and that I could then renounce one or the other, or keep both (British and American).

That I was not eligible to run for President.

It rurns out that perhaps I would have been eligible to run for President (cf. McCain) -- but where did I get this idea that I wasn't? Well, a document just came to light in a box of family papers my parents turned over to us. It contained all the telegrams my mother received on the occasion of my birth!

One of them, written as if directly to the newborn, reads, in part:

Even though Constitutional decree Eliminate you being President of the U.S.A. you sure could be The President of General Foods.

(This is a reference to the fact that my grandfather was president of GF International division.)

So here was a random person in 1955 -- I don't know who they were, whether they were British themselves or American -- who clearly considered being born on US soil both necessary and sufficient to satisfy the requirement of "natural born citizen," and for whom the citizenship of the parents had no bearing.

As far as I know I'd never seen this telegram before, but it seems likely that the same sentiment was uttered around me as I grew up, enough for me to learn the conviction that I was not a NBC.

By the way, in the same box was my original "wet ink," "raised seal" birth certificate from the local registrar in Sussex, England. I've always had photocopies only.

Quite cool!

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school daze (How we learned our NBCs)


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Your situation is the same as at least tens of thousands of children born to (children of) US service members who was born overseas regardless of the citizenship of the spouse.
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Re: school daze (How we learned our NBCs)


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I was taking an on-line survey to get frequent flyer miles, and they asked about my citizenship:
Along with the above choices, there was also a couple options for non-citizens, but their definition of a natural born citizen made me think of Fogbow.
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