Most Important Event Year you were Born

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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Pearl Harbor

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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1957 Sputnik is covered above so I'll tell you the most important event from the year I was born in the community where I lived.

I'm adopted and was brought home from "the baby store*" on May 20th, 1957. I spent my first night home with my new family huddled in a closet in the darkened basement of my new house without electricity and, as mom pointed out on several occasions, no way to warm up my bottle. Which seems kind of an odd thing for my mother to complain about considering many people died that night.

Ruskin Heights Tornado of May 20 1957

.... the Kansas City area and the surrounding area has experienced significant tornadoes. The most destructive and deadly of these tornadoes occurred on the evening of May 20, 1957. The tornado event of May 20, 1957 thereafter earned the local moniker of the Ruskin Heights tornado due to the extreme devastation and loss of life that occurred in this Kansas City neighborhood....

*Every night mom told me a bedtime story about my being "the chosen baby." She even had a book about an adopted child and she adapted it to me. I was so comfortable about my adoption, when my mother had a change of life baby four years later, I once got mad at my little brother and told him, "Mom and dad picked me. They got stuck with you." It apparently was the only time they ever spanked me.

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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Guess I'm a commie too.

1959, took over Cuba with Castro.

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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This is appalling. For 1940's most important event, they've got the founding of McDonald's.

Hello? There was a world war going on. Sure, the US wasn't officially in it yet, but there were many more important events taking place than a couple of brothers opening their hamburger stand.

I've heard this bull before.
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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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1951 - Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted.

First NBA All-Star game.
First "Dennis the Menace" comic strip appears.
Truman fired Douglas MacArthur.
Univac I enters service.
Invention of the Transistor.
The state of war between US and Germany formally ended.
The Treaty of San Francisco formally ends the war with Japan.

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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Janny in Texas wrote: Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:09 am Pearl Harbor

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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According to the website originally linked, it was the Cambodian Incursion by the US during the Vietnam War.

Other events:
All My Children was first broadcast.
Paul McCartney left The Beatles.
Kent State shootings.
Minnesota Vikings lose the first of four Super Bowl appearances. (KC 23 - MN 7).
AFL and NFL merged to become the NFL we know today.

Ok. I think that is enough. :)

Oh, and I birthed.

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Re: Most Important Event Year you were Born


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Really there wasn't anything better that happened than Reagan getting elected when I was born?

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