Facebook and Strained Friendships

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Re: Facebook and Strained Friendships


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No one should ever sell anything valuable for "pennies on the dollar." Ebay is the greatest for selling things quickly. They may have been able to find a younger relative to do the listings.

On ebay, a $50,000 limo might sell for $35,000, but it won't make only $500. The other bidders will see to that.
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Re: Facebook and Strained Friendships


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Yeah, I lost a friend recently to the same thing. We went back 50 years. We mostly stayed away from politics, particularly after she told me she thought W was our best president ever. When twitler was elected, I was sure that she had voted for him even though we didn't discuss the election beforehand. She's all faux noise and Limbaugh. Because she brought it up after the election, I wrote back and told her what I thought and how upset I was. Our really frequent emails became a lot less frequent and a lot less newsy. She lives in Michigan, so we didn't see each other often. But we had been through a lot together over the years. A few months after the election, she told me that I was never to bring up the election again. I thought about dropping it then and there, but continued the infrequent emails.

Then last year, she started telling me that she was sending me emails that I wasn't answering, which wasn't happening. The last time I wrote her a year ago, she was engaged (widowed in 2008), and tentatively planning to be married April 27 this year. I did tell her I knew that we would be on our way to New Mexico that day. I never heard from her again. I don't know if she didn't get the email or I pissed her off because I wouldn't be coming to her wedding. By that point, I didn't really care.

I do think about her, wonder if she did get married in April, how her kids are, how she likes her new home, BUT I'm sure she's been drawn into all the twitler crap, so I know even if we were still emailing and talking I'd just be angry with her. I'm sorry it came to what it has, but we don't live in the same world. She was already off the deep end; I'm sure it's worse.

I'm sorry you lost a friend the way and when you did. And I don't doubt it was very hard finding out what happened to her. :bighug:
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