Free Protopage for Fogbowzers: Birfer & SovCit & Nut Watch #BirtherWatch

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Free Protopage for Fogbowzers: Birfer & SovCit & Nut Watch #BirtherWatch


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Mentioned this before but in a topic and some may not have seen it, it's really helpful. For Fogbow Members Only:

Just made some updates to the #BirtherWatch page, ideas to add are welcome! New: The #BirtherWatch Protoppage now has the RSS feed of Orly's stye in addition to her Twitter, it even has thumbnails in some cases. She posts to the stye more often and it's a safe way to see the headlines without clicking over. Laity and Rodger Dowdell's Facebook feeds are there now (but FB doesn't index very well), Snopes headlines, #birther results...

Also added Foggy's, RC's and Jack Ryan's twitter feeds, joining T.F.Bow's hilarious writings. Birfer tweet indexing includes Arpaio, Miki Booth, Mike Volin, Chuckles, P&E, PPSimmons, Avanatti, Mike Cernovich, and GIL. Learned Protopage can only have 15 Twitter feeds, so picked our favs. Parler won't index.

And the search box at the top of the page defaults to Fogbow search which comes in handy often.

It's all free, you don't have to sign up or anything, just access the page and keep scrolling for a huge collection on nutz. Have adult beverages ready!

Here's the page for hours of crazy: is a public page but better not to let birfers know about it
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