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.. You want Ben Carson for surgeon general?

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Carl Quintanilla

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Full #Powell answer on how he would not resign, if requested by POTUS:
Image“If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.”
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The Hill
Fed study: Trump tariffs backfired, caused job losses and higher prices

President Trump's tariffs on imports — meant to boost the economy — ultimately led to job losses and higher prices, a new study from the Federal Reserve has found.

"We find that tariff increases enacted in 2018 are associated with relative reductions in manufacturing employment and relative increases in producer prices," the report by Fed economists Aaron Flaaen and Justin Pierce reads.

MarketWatch first reported the study, noting that 10 primary industries were hit by retaliatory tariffs and higher prices, including producers of magnetic and optical media, leather goods, aluminum sheet, iron and steel, motor vehicles, household appliances, sawmills, audio and video equipment, pesticide, and computer equipment.

The Trump administration first implemented steel and aluminum tariffs in March of 2018, with the president declaring at the time that "aggressive foreign trade practices" related to the trade goods amounted to an "assault on our country" and the U.S. steel industry.

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1960 gold price was $36.50/oz
1970 $38.90 - which wasn't much of a change because the market was confident and did not need to secure their money in gold
1980 $594.90 - a decade of upheaval drove the price up over ten fold
1990 $386.20 - the price dropped almost in half as stability returned to the market, but concerns still existed
2000 $272.65 - continuing the trend of the previous decade, market confidence rode high driving the price of gold down further
2010 $1420.25 - following a decade of turmoil and two market meltdowns, gold prices reached records highs again as people tried to protect their wealth
2015 $1060.00 - Obama efforts to recover from the housing bubble paid off going into the election year
2019 $1511.00 - gold prices continue to rise as market confidence erodes

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