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►► Forum Rules, Everyone Please Read ◄◄


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The rules here are simple:

1. All posts on the forum are the expressed opinions of those who submitted them. Interpret or heed them as you see fit.

2. Do not quote more than four (4) paragraphs from another source (in other words, anything you did not write yourself).
Make it clear that you are quoting another source and give us a link to the source of the quote. The only blanket exception is the toxic site orlytaitzesq.com, which is often infected with viruses or malware that damaged our members' computers in the past.

3. If you have complaints about copyright issues or any other material posted here, send me an email.

4. Do not make personal attacks or insults on other registered, participating members, or remarks of a blatantly offensive sexist, racist, or obscenely sexual nature.
This board is private property; the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not protect your free speech here.
  • Example: You may say "Your argument is stupid because __________ (and give reasons), but you may not say "You're stupid."
5. You agreed not to spam us or you would not be a registered member. Spam includes:
  • Unwanted advertisements or any attempt to sell products or services.
  • Repeated posting of inappropriate, useless, discredited or false information or offensive graphics.
6. Do not denigrate the adherents or believers of any particular religion on Fogbow.
  • You may criticize the tenets or beliefs of a religion, or a religious organization, but please be aware that people of faith use Fogbow and it's a sensitive subject.
  • Don't make blanket statements about believers in any faith, and try to be careful not to bruise feelings if possible. I allow discussion on all topics, but think of Fogbow as equivalent to a dinner party and be courteous to your fellow guests.
7. No doxxing. If you divulge any personal identifying information of any member of the forum, you will be quickly and permanently banned.

If I conclude that you are here trying to annoy the membership or disrupt the discussion, you will be limited to an area of the forum where only some of us can read your posts. If the behavior continues, you will be banned. This is a forum primarily about politics and current events. Political debates can, at times, get heated and emotional. If you do not have a thick skin and can't handle spirited debate without resorting to childish behavior and attacks, you will not last very long here.

I reserve the right to modify these rules if I feel they are being abused or evaded. Please keep the conversations civil and within reason and the forum will be pleasant for everyone.


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