US Supreme Court: Trump Impeachment Era

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Re: US Supreme Court: Trump Impeachment Era


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Addie wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:07 pm
Mother Jones - David Corn
Elizabeth Warren Just Made John Roberts Ask a Question About His Own Legitimacy


Roberts pursed his lips as he waited for lead House impeachment manager Adam Schiff to respond.

“I would not say that it contributes to a loss of confidence in the Chief Justice,” Schiff said. “I think the Chief Justice has presided admirably.”

“We don’t always live up to our ideals,” he continued, “but this trial is part of our constitutional heritage, that we were given the power to impeach the president. I don’t think a trial without witnesses reflects adversely on the Chief Justice. I do think it reflects adversely on us. I think it diminishes the power of this example to the rest of the world.”

Jeez, he's good.
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