EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler

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EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler


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EPA Head Targets “Worst-Case” Climate Scenarios
Administrator Wheeler has called such projections unrealistic, but experts say they are most in line with current emissions trends

By Jean Chemnick, E&E News on June 10, 2019

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says the use of an inappropriately pessimistic climate modeling tool is driving bad press around climate change, and he’s pledged to halt its use.

While he was still acting EPA chief, Wheeler blamed overly dire assumptions for the National Climate Assessment, released by the Trump administration last Black Friday—a launch that seemed calculated to bury the congressionally mandated report, which highlighted the findings of experts at 13 federal agencies that harmful man-made climate change is underway and growing worse.

And Wheeler used a summit last month in Metz, France, with ministers from six principal foreign allies to promise to “reexamine comprehensive modeling that best reflects the actual state of climate science.”

Then, last Monday at a National Press Club briefing, Wheeler lamented that most press coverage of the NCA focused on what he called “the worst-case scenario.”

“I do think we should take a more realistic look at the worst-case scenarios ... all the scenarios ... going forward,” he said.

https://www.scientificamerican.com/arti ... scenarios/

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