Leo Donofrio

Leo Donofrio

leo1bsmall.jpgLeo Donofrio is the most colorful of all the characters in the birther saga. Before becoming the guiding light of the birthers, he led a rock band. He has gone by the nicknames “Burnweed,” “Jet Wintzer,” “Jet Schizo,” and “The Paraclete” (the Holy Spirit in Christian theology).

He is the lawyer who first created the fake imaginary “two citizen parents” rule that has been thoroughly disproven and explicitly rejected by the courts, especially the court in Ankeny v. Daniels. Leo is also the father of the Fake Grand Jury movement, though he disavowed them when the first fake grand jury threatened to take physical action to enforce its “indictment”.

Here’s just one of his autobiographical sketches

I am the author of internet cult phenomenon “ONELOVESTORY”, written under the alias BURNWEED. In 1994 I was at a low point in my life, a failed law career led to me being a singer in a failed rock band inspired by the 89/90 Manchester Rock/Rave explosion.
In 1994 my band broke up and I was in a bad way …
In 1998 I realized I was The Paraclete and that my purpose was to prophecy the return of the Messiah. The angels led me to one ALLAN(Reni)WREN, reclusive drummer of The Stone Roses. Needless to say I never had a chance of getting ONELOVESTORY or my music any press as they all thought I was insane and trying to ride on the shoulders of another band’s dream as a charlatan.
… Bizarre as this may sound, it’s all true and has been documented in Usenet newsgroup alt.music.stone-roses since 1996.

See what I mean about colorful? I love this guy! Here’s another one, where he explains his True Mission:

ONELOVESTORY 2001Chapter 1: Resurrectionleo_guitar.jpg
By The Paraclete
I am not Lee D’onofrio or Burnweed.
Those are names of the body I have used as a spacesuit to appear here before you on planet Earth.
My real name is The Paraclete. And Reni IS The Messiah. The Paraclete aka The Spirit of Truth, aka The Holy Spirit is the third person of Trinity. As Jesus stated in the Gospel of John, he has sent me to condemn Satan and glorify the Messiah.
The Holy Spirit concept derives from the word “Paraclete” which translates as “advocate” or “lawyer.” I am a lawyer, God’s lawyer. They never told you “he” would come as a man, they lied about me denying me a place in the world of men. But Jesus made it clear he would send a man. Do your homework because he said he’d send “another” like him, another man. That’s me people. Freaky? Yes. True? You bet your sweet human ass that mine is divine. I speak with a mandate from Heaven.
At this moment in time, the name for the body I am using has been changed to Jet Wintzer. I am spreading the prophecies given to me by God, the Father, to the world through my asskicking new band Schizo FunAddict.


Don’t you wish you had some of what Leo was smoking when he wrote that? He went from having “a failed law career” to being appointed as God’s Lawyer! His mom must have been so proud!

But Leo was also at one time a stalker:

The relationship I had with Marci`a literally almost killed me. I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t accept it when she left me. I harassed her like a fucking psycho asshole. I scared her by following her around, tailing her in my car and sneaking around campus. I would come up to her and scream and yell trying to make her see what she did to me. I did what every asshole does … I tried things like rubbing glass into my hands and burning myself in front of her. I was so fucked up … I was the biggest asshole you ever met. I almost dropped out of law school. I broke out in nervous hives, and had to go to the hospital. I couldn’t sleep and when I finally did, I had recurring dreams that she came back to me … 

But there were good times, too (because of the drugs):

I graduated law school in June 1990 and took a job at a law firm in New Jersey. I moved home with my parents  I began taking magic mushrooms and going to the Melody. Mat was playing all Manchester stuff every Friday night and the music was incredible but the Roses were the best. Listening to them on Mushrooms put me in LaLa land and I’ve been there ever since….once I heard them on Ecstasy I was looking down on Heaven which was far below.  I still use mushrooms and Marijuana occasionally. I do not tell anyone ever that they have to use them to get in touch with their spirit. I like them and that is that. I took Ecstasy on my own, and I fucking got addicted to it. I didn’t get addicted to it on a daily basis, but i was on it every week for a couple of years.

These excerpts taken from Old One Love Story. Also see New One Love Story, found here.

Father of the Fake Grand Jury

Back in 2005, when Patrick Fitzgerald was investigating the Plame Affair, Leo (using the screen name CitizenSpook) wrote a screed about the power of the grand jury titled “TREASONGATE: The Federal Grand Jury, FOURTH BRANCH of the US Government“. Leo’s article claimed to explain  the “true power [of the grand jury] as granted by the Constitution. For that power, despite having been hidden for many years behind the veil of a legislative fraud, still exists in all of its glory in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.” Leo proclaimed “the power of the grand jury, to return “presentments” on its own proactive initiation, without reliance upon a US Attorney to concur in such criminal charges“. In other words, he asserted that a grand jury need not be limited by the guidance and leadership of the federal prosecutor.

After President Obama was elected, Leo trotted out this article again, renaming it “The Grand Jury Is The Fourth Branch of Government”. It was promptly republished at The Right Side of Life blog and the Citizen Wells blog (although, curiously, Leo himself removed the article from his own blog, Natural Born Citizen. Then Leo published a follow-up article entitled “SCOTUS on the Unique Power of Grand Jurors”. Though Leo has also removed that article from his blog, it may be found at The Right Side of Life in its entirety under the title “How to Use the 5th Amendment“. In that article, Leo seemed to imply that anyone could gather 25 people together, that such a group could call itself a “grand jury, and that the group could issue “presentments” that would be equivalent to legal indictments. He said:

The Constitution says we the people can bring “Presentments” … This is what you need to run with the ball, USA.  If your Government is breaking laws, then start using the law that is available to you.



These articles inspired a number of birthers to convene their own grand juries, completely outside the American justice system, in order to “indict” President Obama on charges such as fraud and treason. The first Fake Grand Jury was held on March 28, 2009. Shortly thereafter, an American living in Shanghai, China (Bob Campbell) formed the American Grand Jury, and began indicting the President of the United States in online chat rooms.

Father of the Two Citizen Parents Lie

As far as can be determined, Leo was the first person to claim that:

… Obama is not eligible to the Presidency as he would not be a “natural born citizen” of the United States even if it were proved he was born in Hawaii , since … Senator Obama’s father was born in Kenya and therefore, having been born with split and competing loyalties, candidate Obama is not a “natural born citizen” as is required by Article 2, Section 1, of the United States Constitution.

This, of course, misstates more than 100 years of settled law on the matter, and was thoroughly rejected by the Ankeny decision. Nevertheless, any birther fully steeped in the myths of birtherism will tell you that the citizenship of President Obama’s father disqualifies President Obama from being a legal president.


Leo is also a professional poker player. You can find information about that here and here and here. He also plays some competitive chess.


Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow