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“Experts” and “Witnesses”

Susan Elizabeth Daniels

Susan Daniels (not to be confused with Jack D) is a PI who purported to conduct an investigation into the “white collar crime” of SSN fraud alleged by Taitz.  This is somewhat ironic, given that according to an online profile of her, Daniels has stated that, “I’m not a numbers person – I don’t do white collar.” 

Daniels is one of two PIs who ran President Obama’s purported SSN through national databases.  (The other was Neal Sankey.) It was Daniels who both noticed the alleged association of Obama’s SSN with the CT prefix, and provided the spurious “1890” garbage data tidbit, which Orly then stuffed into her unizibit and fell down the rabbit hole with.  Daniels testified in Georgia regarding her suppositions, which are irrelevant, groundless, not evidence of anything by any legal standard, and probably a violation of the standards of her (assumed) PI licensing authority.   

According to her affidavit, her PI license number is 65199565509.  According to the Ohio Private Investigator/ Security Guard license website, her PI license number is 201021001759.  (See https://www.dps.state.oh.us/ALRS/ProviderSearch.aspx)

For more details, read our Special Report: The President’s Social Security Number.

John Sampson

John Sampson is a retired Immigration drone (usually referred to by Orly as “Senior Deportation Officer” or something) who claims Obama should be deported based on his review of the internet copies of documents.  He stands ready to testify blather something about how by Immigration Dept standards, Obama would not be able to work in this country. He’s running for state Senate in Colorado. Sampson testified in the Georgia Ballot Challenge. 

Linda Jordan

Linda Jordan, who along with Orly herself and the late lamented Col. Hollister (not heard from since his visit from the MIB), is one of three people who violated law to make various inquiries of the Selective Service Registration system and EVerify, inputting Obama’s alleged SSN and pretending to be either Obama himself, Obama’s Boss, or someone thinking of hiring Obama. Jordan is prepared to testify that she did these things, which could get her in hot water, but none of us is holding our breath.

Tech Dude = Moe Ron

Sandra Lines

Her declaration is found here.

Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow