James Manning’s Fake Trial

Convicted Felon James David Manning’s Fake Trial

1. The Trial: A Moekery of Justice

2. American (Fake) Grand Jury: Fake Road Trip

3. Black Female Army Captain Pamela Barnett


1. The Trial: A Mockery of Justice

parade.jpgOn May 14, 2010, convicted felon Pastor James David Manning convened a fake trial of President Obama and Columbia University. The convicted thief and burglar, posing as a “pastor” of a church in Harlem, NY, led a parade to Columbia University each morning of the five-day trial. Shockingly, the jury of people who volunteered to convict did exactly that. The trial was a joke, so childish and unprofessional it shocks the conscience. To their shame, two licensed attorneys played a part in the fake trial.

The trial was briefly covered by Salon. There’s an eyewitness account by birther Neil Turner in the birther blog Post & Email.

Birther Steve Cooper, who runs the blog Conservative Monster, gave daily coverage: Day One  • Day TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay Five

Neil Turner later published the hilarious Summary of the Trial and “official” transcripts: Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay Five



Fogbow coverage begins here –> http://thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2740&start=275


2. American Fake Grand Jury: Fake Road Trip

usmap2.gifOn Feb. 7, 2010, Bob Campbell of American Fake Grand Jury announced “History in the Making“:

We at American Grand Jury are proud and honored to help Dr. Manning in any way we can. His goals are our goals. His visions are our visions.

Forthcoming within the next few days will be details of just how American Grand Jury will be involved. We will be a part of the “Columbia Trial” organized and directed by Dr. Manning. We will take marching orders from his organization. If he asks us to jump, our response will be, “how high?”


Campbell initially announced that this would involve a road trip using two recreational vehicle (RV) motorhomes. He began soliciting participants at the cost of $___, to begin and end in Phoenix, Arizona. However, he apparently never had enough participants in order to finance the trip, because his group eventually flew to New York and stayed in a hotel. This photo shows the group:

delegation1.jpgBack row, from left:
Seated, from left: __, Miki Booth, __

3. Black Female Army Captain Pamela Barnett

One of the more interesting revelations of this event is that “Black Female Army Captain” Pamela Barnett attended the trial. Barnett had used that moniker in numerous posts around the birther blogs and websites. Apparently, her being a black woman added some credibility to her claims. No one could accuse her of having racist motives, because she was, after all, a black woman. Here’s a photo of her as she appeared at the trial (second from right, next to Manning):


Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester and Grow