The Fake Kenyan Birth Certificates

A number of fake Obama birth certificates have surfaced. Some are clearly comedic, such as the Canadian birth certificate signed by Dudley DoRight. The two most famous fakes are here. Both have been throughly debunked. We at call these the Fake Kenya Birth Certificates (FKBC). 

The “Bomford” Fake Kenya Birth Certificate

In early 2009, an unnamed Obot genius created the “Bomford” FKBC. It became known as the “Bomford” because the original birth certificate that was used as the “template” for creating it was found on a family genealogy website in Australia. It was a birth certificate dated 1964 belonging to a gentleman named David Jeffrey Bomford. Except that he wasn’t born in Kenya, he was born in South Australia. The original and spoof birth certificates are shown below. 

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One important thing to remember about the Bomford: Thedocument itself never left the home of the genius who created it. The only thing anybody else in the world saw was just a photograph of the document (and the subsequent photos showing that it was destroyed by its creator). 

In July, 2009, after an unsuccessful attempt to get Phil Berg to fall for it, the photograph of the Bomford FKBC was placed on a USB flash drive, and mailed to Neil Sankey, the “private investigator” for Orly Taitz. It was mailed from the ZIP Code in Washington, D.C. where the Kenyan embassy is, but there was nothing else on the flash drive except the photograph itself. No document was included to verify its authenticity. No individual was identified as the source of the photograph. Most important at all, the so-called “private investigator,” Neil Sankey, apparently made no attempt whatever to determine whether it was authentic or not. He must have simply turned it over to Orly Taitz, because she immediately filed it as an exhibit to a legal motion in federal court, in the case titled Barnett v. Obama, in the Central District of California, before Judge David O. Carter. 

Orly, the worst lawyer in the history of the planet Earth, asked Judge Carter to order Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to travel to Keyna to authenticate the Bomford. Naturally, Judge Carter did no such thing. The Bomford was exposed within a matter of days as a spoof, so much so that Orly never mentions its existence.

The Bomford created a huge sensation in the tiny Republic of Birtherstan. To this very day, there are birthers who think it was an authentic birth certificate showing that President Obama was born in Kenya. But it was all a hoax, a spoof, political satire, done by some unnamed Obot genius. Eventually, whoever created it took additional photographs shown above:

  • a photo showing the materials he used to create it
  • a photo showing the Bomford crumpled into a ball
  • a photo showing it uncrumpled again, with the legend “You’ve been punk’d!”

After the Bomford was exposed, someone opened a “Kenya Birth Certificate Generator” site.
You can create your own Kenyan birth certificate at the site.

 Debunkings at: Snopes, Politifact, The Washington Independent,


The Lucas Smith Fake Kenya Birth Certificate

In 2009, a convicted forger and con artist named Lucas Smith produced this Fake Kenya Birth Certificate:


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There are several obvious problems with accepting this forgery as an authentic birth certificate for President Obama.

  1. Smith is a convicted forger and a con-man with a prison record. More information about his sordid history as a con-artist may be found here.
  2. Smith’s story as to how he got the birth certificate is implausible. He claims he bribed someone at Coast Province General Hospital. However, hospitals don’t issue official birth certificates; only governments issue those.
  3. Smith has never shown any evidence that he was ever in Kenya, despite repeated requests even from his birther believers.
  4. The date on the birth certificate is in the wrong format.
    In Kenya, the day of the month is ordinarily stated first, followed by the month: “19 February 2009”.
  5. Heltan Maganga wasn’t the Hospital Administrator on the date the birth certificate was supposedly issued (Feb. 19, 2009).
    He didn’t take over that job until months later.
  6. Heltan Maganga’s name is misspelled “Helton” on Smith’s FKBC.
  7. Barack Obama Sr.’s birth date is just the year 1936. When the FKBC came out, Wikipedia was only listing his year of birth. Subsequent Freedon of Information Act releases have revealed his actual date of birth. 
  8. Kenyan officials say this document doesn’t match any used in Kenya. No other documents have come forth using this same or similar format. 

Smith signed an affidavit allegedly explaining the provenance of his FKBC:

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Needless to say, most informed people have concluded that the affidavit contains false information, and that Smith forged the second FKBC. Since he produced the forgery, he has allegedly sent a copy of it to every member of Congress. However, no one in Congress has ever mentioned receiving it in any public statement. 

Debunkings at:, Snopes (bottom of page). 


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