Birth Certificates



The Documents:

The Deal:

Obama was born in the State of Hawaii. Hawaiian officials sent Obama his proof of birth documentation in the only form they have issued in this century. It has an official stamp and seal. In addition, Hawaiian officials say they’ve seen the original records, and Obama was born in Hawaii. There are two contemporaneous newspaper reports.  The name “Barack Obama” appears in the Index for regular births, and doesn’t appear in the Index for late births, foreign births, or births registered after one year. The Electoral College and Congress said he was qualified when they voted and accepted the results.

On April 27, 2011, President Obama released the long form version of his proof of birth documentation, certified by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health (LFBC). He also released the correspondence with the Director of the Department of Health which shows what he had to do to get this special document as Hawaii no longer issues certified copies of this document. 

In June 2012, the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health issued two separate Verifications of Birth attesting that the facts of birth in Barack Obama’s original birth record match the information in his Long Form Birth Certificate. Verification OneVerification Two


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