Birtherism and Holocaust Denial

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Sterngard Friegen
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Birtherism and Holocaust Denial


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I saw the movie Denial last night. I was struck by the pseudoscience and false experts depicted in the movie and the similar fake science and phony experts in birtherism. Except that Holocaust denial is a much bigger business, financed by right wing lunatics, skinheads and antisemites. As a result, the denialists' phony experts can actually put together coherent (and completely false) reports and studies. (Here I am thinking of the discredited Leuchter Report and Irving's writings with a small amount of truth and reference to real documents.)

On the other hand, birthers were a pathetic, disorganized bunch who were unable to present a coherent theory or any evidence.

But then I snapped back to reality. While denialism has been shown to be fabrication of history for propagandistic and hateful purposes, a birther sits today in the White House.

I am depressed.

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Reality Check
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Re: Birtherism and Holocaust Denial


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Me too also. :(
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Re: Birtherism and Holocaust Denial


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Yeah... yeah.

One branch of government ordering agents of the government to ignore court orders is especially troubling.

This reminds me of the desire among Republicans during the Bush years to assert a "unitary executive."
The bitterest truth is healthier than the sweetest lie.

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