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Today only 10 Years ago:
The revolution Steve Jobs resisted: Apple's App Store marks 10 years of third-party innovation
By Stephen Silver
Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 03:19 am PT (06:19 am ET)

The first iPhone saw release in 2007 with a fairly barebones selection of apps, none of which were made by outside developers. That changed when Apple opened the gates to developers a year later with iPhone OS 2.0, invigorating a sector and forever changing what it meant to be an "Apple developer."

The App Store officially launched on July 10, 2008, after it was announced the previous fall; the first software development kit was released in February of 2008.

As Apple demonstrated in an "oral history" it released a few days before the anniversary, the App Store has not only grown exponentially in its ten years of existence, but it's also been at the forefront of all sorts of innovations in technology, culture and entertainment over the course of the decade.

The App Store has helped facilitate major growth in the content streaming revolution, as well as geolocation, e-commerce and even online dating, while also forever changing what it means to be a software developer.

All that, and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was reportedly resistant to the idea at first. ... innovation

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Twelve years!
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I have yet to see anything on the major news channels about this day that is supposed to live in infamy - other than a few mentions here and there of Lauren Bruner. :(

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Foggy wrote: Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:09 am
Pearl Harbor Veteran Expected To Be Last USS Arizona Survivor Interred On Ship
When the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, sailor Lauren Bruner was the second-to-last person to get off the USS Arizona alive.

Bruner and five others were stranded on the doomed ship when a sailor on a repair ship spotted them and threw them a line. Even though Bruner was badly burned and had been shot twice, the 21-year-old managed to climb to safety.

He died in September at the age of 98, and on Saturday, his remains will return to the USS Arizona. He is expected to be the final USS Arizona survivor to be interred on the sunken warship, Pearl Harbor National Memorial spokesperson Jay Blount tells NPR.

There are three remaining survivors and they have expressed other wishes for their remains. According to the USS Arizona Memorial, Don Stratton, Lou Conter, and Ken Potts "are the only former crewmen remaining from the 337 men who survived the attack on the battleship."

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WARNING - you may not want to use the link to the article at NBC. My virus software reported a THREAT.
NBC 7 San Diego
5 hrs ·
U.S. Marine Corps Captain John Campbell – the oldest Pearl Harbor survivor in San Diego – was honored at a luncheon in Solana Beach on Friday for his service.
<<<there was a link to ... xxxxxxxxxx
But my virus software reported:
Threat found
This web page contains potentially dangerous content.
Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B trojan
Access to it has been blocked. Your computer is safe.

Pearl Harbor attack remembered in somber 78th anniversary ceremony
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Dolly wrote: Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:10 pm I JOINED FOGBOW :blink:

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Side by side, the Allies and former enemy Germany together marked the 75th anniversary of one of the most important battles in World War II — the Battle of the Bulge, which stopped Adolf Hitler’s last-ditch offensive to turn the tide of the war.

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