Indiana 5th CD 2020

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Indiana 5th CD 2020


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A recently conducted survey in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District1 shows Democrats in a strong early position to pick up a seat long held by Republicans. President Trump’s deep unpopularity in this district is helping propel Democrats to a strong showing in this suburban district, which is moving away from Republicans at warp speed.

While there is still significant time before Election Day, the signs in this district are encouraging
for Hale and the Democrats as they seek to add to their margins in the House next year.
The following are some key findings from the data:
  • Biden has double-digit advantage over Trump. Donald Trump won Indiana’s Fifth
    Congressional District comfortably in 2016, but that would not be the case again if the
    election were held today. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads the
    incumbent by a 53 – 43 percent margin.

    President Trump’s approval rating in IN-5 is just 41 percent, with 57 percent expressing
    disapproval (including 50 percent who strongly disapprove).

    Christina Hale leading Victoria Spartz. The open seat for the U.S. Congress here also
    favors Democrats today, with Christina Hale holding a 51 – 45 percent lead over
    Republican Victoria Spartz. ... 630_IN.pdf

Yet another House seat the Dems have a chance of picking up. :boxing:
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Re: Indiana 5th CD 2020


Post by bob »

Oh, the irony.

This is the congressional district in which Mark "Revote" Small ran a vanity protest campaign ... as a Republican. (And received less than two percent of the vote in the primary.)

Small is still whining on Twitter and how Victoria Spartz (the Republican primary winner) is a lightweight who bought her victory.
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Re: Indiana 5th CD 2020


Post by Shizzle Popped »

There are a lot of younger families moving into the north Indy suburbs so I can see it maybe falling into the D column but I think it'll be hard to hold for more than a couple of terms. It could become a swing district though.

I'm in the 9th CD which includes the South suburbs of Indy and a slew of very rural counties that stretch all the way to the Kentucky border. The 9th has gone back and forth in recent years but I find a lot of the people around me to be extremely conservative. We're probably helped by having Bloomington in the district. It's a college town and I suspect it leans pretty liberal.
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