COVID-19 Toys.

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COVID-19 Toys.


Post by PatGund »

From Chinese Lego clone maker Xipoo, it's the....well...I suspect that what Google Translate rendered as "Tribute to the Retrogrades" wasn't what was intended.

But it's their COVID-19 response building block sets.

We have:
Set XP93216A - Negative Pressure ambulance.
Set XP93217 - Set of Four smaller sets. (Checkpoint, medical vehicle, military vehicle, and researcher.)
Set XP93218A - Ilyushin Il-76

First off, XP93216A - Negative Pressure ambulance


Then, XP93217 - Set of Four smaller sets. (Checkpoint, medical vehicle, military vehicle, and researcher.)


And last, XP93218A - PLAAF Ilyushin Il-76


And their timeline. These were translated from Chinese to German, and then to English, so it may be a bit....wonky. (Translations via


Global War "Epidemic" -Tribute to the Most Beautiful Retrogrades
At the beginning of the new year of 2020, an "epidemic situation" hits the whole country.
The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is the responsibility! Praise our most beautiful retrogrades,

January 23, 2020
The country launched a first-level response to public health events, with strict prevention of entry in all places.

February 2, 1020
1,400 medical staff members will be deployed by the army F3 will take charge of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital from February 3rd


February 3, 1020
Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital begins to carry out new corona epidemic rescue work

February 13, 2020
The army sent an additional 2,600 medical staff to Wuhan to fight the corona

March 2, 2020
The scientific research work of the State Council of the Central Committee to examine the new corona epidemic situation

March 10, 2020
China 's first batch of support teams went to the whole world one after another.
Chinese rescue team goes on expedition
One province and one country
Jiang Su 1 to Pakistan
Guang Dongy to Iraq
Shanghai and Yilong to Italy

The strongest rallying order in the history of the "epidemic" -fate and fortune, how can it be quiet forever?
Someone is moving forward with a heavy load for us, a country and a hero of our time-tribute to the most beautiful retrogrades !!

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Re: COVID-19 Toys.


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Re: COVID-19 Toys.


Post by Whatever4 »

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Re: COVID-19 Toys.


Post by Slim Cognito »

Not really a covid toy but I've been playing Animal Crossings since the original shut-down. My avatar is living on an island surrounded by cute animals and I (my video game I) spend my time fishing, catching butterflies and snorkeling.

All these treasures can be sold for coin which can be spent in the stores, one of which sells face masks. I thought that was a nice touch.

Although I love the game, I feel kinda bad I've covered my island with houses, stores, campsites for visitors and a water park. I wonder if any of the other gamers feel bad about destroying a pristine environment.

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