Washington 10th CD 2020

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Washington 10th CD 2020


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New York Times
Denny Heck, a Washington Democrat, Won’t Seek House Re-election

A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Heck said in a blog post that the impeachment hearings had left him “weary.”

Representative Denny Heck, Democrat of Washington, said on Wednesday that he would not run for re-election in November in part because the impeachment hearings, in which he has participated as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, had left him “weary.” ...

“The countless hours I have spent in the investigation of Russian election interference and the impeachment inquiry have rendered my soul weary,” wrote Mr. Heck, who was first elected to Congress in 2012. “I will never understand how some of my colleagues, in many ways good people, could ignore or deny the President’s unrelenting attack on a free press, his vicious character assassination of anyone who disagreed with him, and his demonstrably very distant relationship with the truth.” ...

Mr. Heck’s announcement comes amid a wave of retirements by more than a dozen Republican members of Congress, a reflection of pessimism within the party about its chances to win back the House in 2020. There have been comparatively few retirements among Democrats.

The announcement from Mr. Heck will set off a primary to replace him. The state uses a top-two primary system, under which all candidates appear on one ballot, regardless of party, and voters pick their top choices.

Mr. Heck has represented his district since it was created in 2012, and he won re-election in 2016 by more than 17 percentage points. In that year’s presidential election, Thurston County, which makes up the bulk of the district, voted for Hillary Clinton by a margin of 15 points. ...

Heck, who declined to endorse some priorities of progressive Democrats, including the Green New Deal and Medicare for all, had faced one 2020 challenger so far: Joshua Collins, a 26-year-old truck driver and Democratic Socialist. Collins supports those plans, as well as giving everyone free access to college and “taxing billionaires out of existence.”

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Re: Washington 10th CD 2020


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What the heck? I really like this guy.

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Re: Washington 10th CD 2020


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Sterngard Friegen wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:07 pm
What the heck? I really like this guy.
ITA. A very down to earth speaker.
I love the poorly educated!!!

Kevin McCarthy: Paul Ryan playing with a head injury -- Jon Lovett

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