'Kochland': How The Famous Brother Duo Made Their Money

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'Kochland': How The Famous Brother Duo Made Their Money


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'Kochland' Explores How The Famous Brother Duo Made Their Money

The Koch brothers are a ripe target: political plutocrats who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a decades-long effort to reshape the country and the Republican Party.

They've used their vast wealth to build a hydra-headed network of think tanks, lobbying shops, and "astroturf" advocacy groups to advance a philosophy that conveniently overlaps with the economic interests of their Wichita-based corporation.

None of this is exactly a secret, though. Jane Mayer's 2010 New Yorker article and subsequent book shined a bright spotlight on how the Kochs and other wealthy patrons use their Dark Money to wield outsize influence on American politics.

What Kochland, the new book from Christopher Leonard, adds to the story is not so much an account of the ways in which the brothers spend their money, but rather, a richly reported tale of how they make it — the inner workings of one of the nation's largest private corporations.
Salon - Igor Derysh: Koch brothers funded centrist Democratic group Third Way, according to new book

Koch Industries reportedly funded a 2007 Third Way report meant to boost support for "free trade" policies

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Re: 'Kochland': How The Famous Brother Duo Made Their Money


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I thought they "made" their money by outliving their parents.

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