Michigan State Senate Dist 5: Primary August 7

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Michigan State Senate Dist 5: Primary August 7


Post by Addie » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:08 am

Detroit Metro Times
Vote in Michigan Senate upset broke along racial lines

A little-known Detroit woman who beat out the chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus in a stunning primary upset Tuesday has black Detroiters to thank for her win.

Betty Jean Alexander baffled state Democrats when she won the party primary for Michigan’s 5th Senate District over incumbent Sen. David Knezek by a 54-45 margin. Alexander, they pointed out, was not so much a candidate, as she was merely a name on a ballot. She's said to have raised no money for her campaign, sent out no mailers, and distributed no yard signs. She barely even has a social media presence. ...

A look at the vote tallies in each of the cities that make up the district shows Alexander, who is black, greatly outperformed Knezek, who is white, in the district's two majority black cities. She won by a 2-1 margin in Detroit, where she received about 10,700 votes to Knezek's 5,500. In Inkster, she got 1,800 votes to his 1,200. Detroit is about 80 percent black; Inkster is more than 70 percent black.

Knezek, meanwhile, beat Alexander nearly 2-1 in majority-white Dearborn Heights and Garden City, 3,500 to 2,200 and 2,000 to 950, respectively.
Dearborn Heights is more than 80 percent white, and Garden City is more than 90 percent white.

The two were about even in Redford, where Alexander garnered 3,500 votes and Knezek 3,200. That city is about 60 percent white and 30 percent black.

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