Manbabies posing as freedom fighters, civil rights activists

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Manbabies posing as freedom fighters, civil rights activists


Post by DejaMoo » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:49 pm

I thought I'd start a more generic thread for the more run-of-the-mill nutjobs who're playing the same stupid games and hoping to win the same stupid prizes as other individuals who have their own threads on TFB.

Ladies and gentlebeings, may I introduce David Martinez, another self-proclaimed activist/warrior/antigovernment type running for public office:

St. Paul council candidate arrested, banned from library, says he was defending teen
A candidate for St. Paul City Council has been banned from the city’s public library system for a month following his arrest at the downtown George Latimer Central Library.

David Martinez — who has described the July 5 incident at length in his campaign blog — says he was sticking up for a teenager who was being unfairly ejected from the library.

A St. Paul police report describes Martinez as verbally combative toward at least two librarians.

Library staff told police officers responding to the scene that Martinez screamed “‘(Expletive) you!’ multiple times very loudly just inches from their faces,” according to the arrest report.
“I said, ‘No, we are not leaving. This young man is here conducting research for a project and you are kicking him out of the library?! What is wrong with you people?! No wonder our African-American students are not achieving academically — we’re (expletive) kicking them out of the public libraries.’”

“All three caucasian/white library staff people chuckled and (in unison) replied, ‘Sir, you need to leave now!'”

“I replied by saying, ‘No, I am not leaving and you need to reflect on what you are doing here…”

“Before I knew it, the St. Paul Police Department was on the scene (literally 5 minutes after the conversation started – nice response times boys!) I was surrounded by 7 big burly caucasian/white guys, all 200 lbs+ with tattoos and big bulging biceps.”
But wait, there's more! The very next day, he did it again - at a Twins' game, this time:

Day after library arrest, St. Paul City Council candidate ejected from Twins game, banned from Target Field
A day after being banned from the St. Paul Public Library system, St. Paul City Council candidate David Martinez was ejected from Target Field and banned from the ballpark for a year following a physical confrontation with security.

In the video, Martinez can be seen and heard telling a Target Field security guard, “You’re an (expletive) moron. You’re an (expletive) idiot. … Don’t touch me. You’re about to get smacked.” He refused to leave the baseball stadium despite repeated requests.

About five minutes into the video, multiple security guards attempt to remove him from his seat, but Martinez grabs onto his chair and refuses to move. He then lunges his body into a guard, causing the guard to fall into the stands in a dog pile. Two Minneapolis police officers arrive at the same time and help to restrain and remove him, which takes several minutes.

Martinez on Wednesday said the two back-to-back encounters with police had left him and his family shaken, and subjected them to public scrutiny and negative comments online. “I’m like, God, what are you trying to tell me?” he said. “Does this mean I need to step out of the race? Does this mean I need to go to Puerto Rico and let things cool?”
From the comments section for the above story:
Okay, I normally don't comment on PP but after reading this second article and David's blog, I just had to say something. I stopped by at the library during my lunch time and I witnessed most of the debacle last Thursday-- in fact, I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY on all four floors heard him swearing up a storm. As a person of color, I was appalled at his behavior. That level of condemnation should be reserved for actual racial injustice but he didn't even know the full situation before he stood up for a teen who obviously didn't want or need his help. I read his account on his blog and he made himself sound like a good samaritan but, during the altercation, I thought he looked like a crazy person. He was hysterical and it was bizarre to see because his anger shot from zero straight to 100 in a matter of seconds. He got so worked up, swearing and pushing his face up close to the FEMALE security guard's and librarians' faces. I wish I had known who he was then or I would have recorded the whole altercation. Maybe he's doing this for free PR for his campaign...Maybe his antics are a cry for psychological help, who knows. Hopefully, this PR stunt backfires on him because he is not a fit candidate because he obviously has anger management issues.

I thought it was fair that the library asked the teen to leave. The "research" paper in his hand was actually one of those fake basketball fundraising flyers. I recognized it because they've approached me for donations in the past. It looked like he tried to steal a clear sign holder which would have been the perfect size for his flyer so I'm not sure what damage he did. It makes sense that these teens would need to go the library to print out their flyers, It explains why he left in the middle of the altercation and it explains why we haven't heard from him.
(There's been a raft of young boys soliciting donations for fake basketball teams in St. Paul this summer. They go door-knocking in groups asking for money, and while some of them keep the homeowner busy talking with them, others go 'round back, break in and steal. That's what this commenter is referring to.)

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