Computer Science School Initiative

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Computer Science School Initiative


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Ars Technica

Coding is cool as White House unveils computer science school initiative

Will the next the next Bill Gates, Sean Parker, or Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

The White House announced Monday a new initiative to teach computer science to middle school and high school students, with about 60 school districts nationwide participating.

"While no one is born a computer scientist, becoming a computer scientist isn't as scary as it sounds," President Barack Obama said in a video message Monday. "With hard work and a little math and science, anyone can do it."

The nation's largest school districts in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida— with 4 million students—are promising to offer at least one computer science course, the White House said Monday to kick off Computer Science Education Week.

As much as $20 million in private donations from Gates, Parker, Zuckerberg, and others will go to training teachers. The Obama administration also announced an advanced placement course called Computer Science Principles.


To address tech’s diversity woes, start with the vanishing Comp Sci classroom

The number of schools offering AP Computer Science has dropped 35% in recent years.

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Computer Science School Initiative


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But, but, but, it's not babble code...

wonkette of course

Obama Will Indoctrinate Your Kids With Non-Biblical Computer Programming

What terrible things is President Obama doing to the children — what are our future — this week? Encouraging them to learn how to do science-y things with computers, which we can all agree is terrible because if God wanted us to know how to use computers, he would have written the Constitution in biblical code.

Instead of spending time clearing brush or making white people feel better about systemic racism or whatever it is real presidents do, Obama wasted, like, so much of his Monday encouraging children visiting from 30 different school districts around the country to spend an hour — a whole hour! — learning how to code, as part of 2014 Computer Science Education Week, which is obviously a terrible idea because it involves science AND education, ugh.

Then, to make everything even worse, Vice President Joe Biden literally told the girls in attendance that they are “smart as any guy,” and the NINE PAID STAFFERS of Twitchy are ON I ...

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Computer Science School Initiative


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President Barack Obama said in a video message Monday. "With [hlyellow]hard work and a little math and science[/hlyellow], anyone can do it."

That "hard work and a little math and science" is the reason that most people can't do it. ;)
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