Is Lucy Flores the Latina star Democrats have been waiting for?

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Is Lucy Flores the Latina star Democrats have been waiting for?


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[link]Is Lucy Flores the Latina star Democrats have been waiting for?, ... en-waiting[/link]

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – “I don’t have the background of a typical politician, right?” Lucy Flores told a crowd of Democratic activists as she accepted the party’s nomination for lieutenant governor of Nevada in June.

It’s a line you’ve heard before: Candidates love to brag about how they didn’t grow up like those “typical” politicians. But there’s no other way to describe Flores, a Latina rising star who was born into an impoverished family of 13 children, whose mother abandoned her in grade school, who fell in with a gang, who was sentenced to a youth prison, who dropped out of high school and who became a lawyer and a state legislator– all by age 31.

Flores, now 34, isn’t running from her troubled past; she’s running on it. Her early struggles – and the way she’s overcome them – are the centerpiece of her campaign.

“There are Lucys in every town across this state,” she told activists. “That’s why my focus is on making sure that this is a state that works for every Nevadan, not just the privileged few.”More at the link. Since Brian Sandoval is virtually unopposed for gubnor, the Lt. Gubnor position is key for the Dems.
For more information, read it again.

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Is Lucy Flores the Latina star Democrats have been waiting for?


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The answer: Yes.

We need this race. Sandoval is careful, and the fallout from him taking moderate positions has earned him some opposition from wingnuts. The practical effect of that combination is that if we take the LT-GOV position it's widely believed that Sandoval will not run for Harry Reid's Senate seat in 2016.

That's a big deal. It's unclear what Reid will do (he's said he'll run again) but the Democrats have a golden opportunity, similar to what the GOP has this year, where they have few if any truly vulnerable seats up. This year the GOP has seats up in Georgia and Kentucky that are vulnerable, and they are making their Mississippi seat more vulnerable than it should be, but the Democrats could potentially have an even safer map in 2016 if Flores wins and locks Sandoval into the Governor's mansion.

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