California 48th CD 2018 - (D) Win

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Re: California 48th CD 2018 - (D) Win


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THR: Outgoing GOP Congressman Wants to Be a Hollywood Screenwriter:
After losing his Orange County seat, Dana Rohrabacher is dusting off his script treatments for adventure films, World War II spy thrillers and surfing projects that he's shopping to producers ("there’s no deal until the contract is signed").

* * *

One of his completed scripts, dubbed, Baja, had been about a Vietnam war vet who teams with an archaeologist in Ensenada, Mexico, though he has updated it so that now the protagonist is back from fighting in the Middle East.

"It’s great because the Marine returning from war is the good guy, as opposed to so many in Hollywood portraying them as the bad guy," he says. "It’s a combination of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Easy Rider and Raiders of the Lost Ark."

* * *

His second full script is one he completed circa 1991 called The French Doctoresse, and it is based on the true story of a French woman who was a spy during World War II, then was put on trial as a traitor.

* * *

Among his treatments he is tinkering with is the story of an American mercenary fighting in a third-world country and another about a few would-be thieves who tunnel into Fort Knox only to discover there is no gold there. "They realize the trouble they’re in because people need to shut them up about it. It’s a comedy," he says.

* * *

"I basically want to produce product that will make money and uplift the American people," Rohrabacher says. "I’m a 71-year old surfer, so I have some treatments involving surfing. I have real-life stories about attending pop festivals with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick. Two weeks later, I was a teenager fighting Communists in Vietnam."
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Re: California 48th CD 2018 - (D) Win


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Dana has lots of delusions, maybe one of them will pay off. Cough cough...... :rotflmao:
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