Obama's "Delicate Dance"

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Obama's "Delicate Dance"


Post by Addie » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:44 am

The Hill
Obama to re-emerge in ‘delicate dance’ with Dems

Former President Obama will re-emerge on the national scene this fall, though Democrats expect him to do so with caution.

One aide describes the beginning of a “delicate dance” that aims to put Obama in the Democratic fray, but prevent him from remaining the face of the party. ...

“President Obama has amongst the highest Q rating in the world — exceeding LaBron [James], [Lionel] Messi and George Clooney — and is most certainly the most popular active political figure in the U.S.,” said Democratic strategist Chris Lehane. “[He] s incredibly popular with base Democratic voters who are critical cohorts in the midterms from a turnout perspective.

Unlike many of his recent predecessors, he left office without scandal and with high approval ratings,” Wade said. “And with the incumbent president in the White House bogged down by investigation and deep unpopularity, the contrast is helpful.

“Pundits are always going to overthink and overanalyze the pros and cons of having a former president on the campaign trail, but the truth is, there’s little downside. He has unique convening powers to draw a crowd, energize Democrats, make a closing argument, and then it is up to candidates to close the deal.”
Newsweek: Obama Is Returning To Politics This Fall, And Trump Isn't Going To Like It

¡Qué vergüenza!

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