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Saw an ad from the Republican Governors Assoc against Maggie Hasson. “Maggie Hassan doesn’t understand the challenges confronting most New Hampshire taxpayers, who, thanks to Hassan, face higher taxes and fees on top of their property tax bill,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Meanwhile, Maggie Hassan gets to live in a half million dollar home without paying property taxes. No wonder she’s raised taxes and fees 33 times.”“Maggie Hassan clearly does not get the harmful impact tax hikes have on families struggling to make it,” Schrimpf continued. “Why else would she make clear that she’s open to even higher taxes despite already increasing taxes and fees by $300 million?”“Maggie Hassan doesn’t understand New Hampshire. She believes in high taxes,” Schrimpf concluded.Her husband is the principal at Phillips Exeter Academy so they get housing as part of his deal. Technically the ad is correct, but I'm trying to decide if it's trying to imply she's somehow also doing something wrong. I had to look up why she pays no real estate taxes. (wondered if she rented.)
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