CA-07: Ami Bera (D) Wins

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CA-07: Ami Bera (D) Wins


Post by Addie »

[link]Sacramento Bee, ... ngren.html[/link] Democrat Ami Bera has won his tight race against incumbent GOP Rep. Dan Lungren to fill the 7th District Congressional seat representing the suburbs of Sacramento.The Associated Press called the race this afternoon as Bera's lead over Lungren had grown to almost 5,700 votes, according to the latest vote count.Bera, an Elk Grove Democrat, led longtime Republican lawmaker Lungren by 184 votes on election night. His lead grew to about 3,800 votes on Tuesday.
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CA-07: Ami Bera (D) Wins


Post by esseff44 »

Rrachel last night was pointing out how awkward it was for Lungren to be giving the orientation for freshman incoming members with Bera present and waiting for the vote counting to be finished. With Bera, there is an increase in the number of doctors and also the number of members of East Indian descent.

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CA-07: Ami Bera (D) Wins


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It's about time they called this. I couldn't stand Lungren since the time he ran for governor

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CA-07: Ami Bera (D) Wins


Post by Plutodog »

Poor Dan couldn't get no love from the birferz...[BBvideo 425,350:15f77hg1][/BBvideo]More substantive -- candidate debate 9-25-12 (this was a re-run of the 2010 election)[BBvideo 425,350:15f77hg1][/BBvideo]
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