Special Elections

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Special Elections


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Special elections spark Democratic hopes

Nine special elections, all for state legislative seats, have taken place since Donald Trump was elected president in November. In seven of them, Democrats ran ahead of Hillary Clinton’s performance. ...

The nine state legislative elections aren’t exactly a representative sample — they’ve taken place in just four states. They’re not even all Democratic wins — the party won five of the contests, and Republicans captured four. But the common denominator was unusually high Democratic turnout, as well as a spike in Democratic performance over past elections for those seats. ...

Optimistic partisans digging through the data have even found reason to cheer some of the special election defeats: In one of the Democratic losses, a race for a Connecticut seat held by Republicans for more than a century, the GOP candidate won by 10 percentage points, compared with a 22-point GOP victory margin in an election for the same seat just three months earlier. ...

“There was a lot of attention put on [the Delaware race] because Joe Biden and a lot of other people got in on it, but what made the difference was the get-out-the-vote operation driven by volunteers getting out there and mobilizing the base. So to me that means there is an energy, people want to get involved, they’re mad,” said SiX executive director Nick Rathod. “The party needs a broad rethinking, but that thinking needs to start locally, and that’s where all of this grass-roots energy is. That’s where there’s a lot of opportunity to make changes."
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