President Ordered To Produce Birth Certificate! In Gabon. Ali Bongo Ondimba

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President Ordered To Produce Birth Certificate! In Gabon. Ali Bongo Ondimba


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Gabon's birther movement boosted by French court ruling
Rumours that president was born in Nigeria and so not eligible for office used as rallying cry by opposition groups

Simon Allison
Friday 13 November 2015 11.57 EST

Gabon’s very own birther controversy has taken a new twist after a French court ordered President Ali Bongo Ondimba to produce his birth certificate.

Bongo’s identity has been the subject of debate since the publication of a book last year that claimed he is not the natural-born son of former President Omar Bongo. Author Pierre Péan said that Bongo is actually Nigerian, and was adopted during the 1967-70 Biafran war.

If true, Bongo would be disqualified from the presidency as Gabon’s constitution does not allow for the children of foreigners to hold the top job. Bongo might also be forced to give up his inheritance, worth several hundred million dollars.

“[Péan] maintains that the issue of Ali Bongo’s nationality has been an open secret for years,” said Liesl Louw-Vaudran, an analyst at the Institute for Security Studies. “He also uses inconsistencies in the president’s birth certificate, which was drawn up only two months before the death of his father in June 2009, as proof of the adoption.
Continues at The Guardian: ... -ali-bongo

Already on Birther Report. Fav comment so far because Birfer By Logic:

BirtherByLogic · 3 hours ago
Obongo, Obama whats the difference ... ed-by.html

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