A Research "Bleg"

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A Research "Bleg"


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Are there any FB'ers in DC who might want to go to the Library of Congress to look some stuff up?

Justice Horace Gray's papers from his time on the Supreme Court are at the LOC. There are 400 items in 2 containers, 1 microfilm. Here's how one journal article describes the collection:

They consist of miscellaneous correspondence, 1849-1902, arranged in twenty-two divisions. The second division contains letters from private persons who were, or later became, justices of the Supreme Court. The first and third through twenty-first divisions are alphabetical by name of correspondent. The

twenty-second division contains clippings from newspapers and a few isolated letters by Agassiz, Woodbury, Everett, Bramwell, Allen, and Lathrope.Gray seems fascinating. He was very young when he took over the job of Reporter for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. His views of citizenship seem to have been cemented very early - he wrote an article with John Lowell about the Dred Scott case in 1857 in which many of the themes we see in Wong Kim Ark are brought forward. 41 years is a long time to have been thinking about citizenship.

It would be really interesting to know of Gray spoke of citizenship in any of these letters. Did he write about AP Morse, the leading proponent, at that time, of the jus sanguinis theory of citizenship? Did he talk with Justice Field about In re Look Ting Sing, which came out the same year as Elk v. Wilkins?

I don't think this collection is available for interlibrary loan. Is anyone headed that way and want to take a look at his papers?

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