Exchanges that didn't happen during March 1 2012 Arpaio press conference

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Exchanges that didn't happen during March 1 2012 Arpaio press conference


Post by verbalobe » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:12 pm

Reporter: Mr. Corsi, could you clarify... it's your position that there was no paper birth certificate offered for physical inspection at the White House press conference April 27 last year? So are all WND correspondents liars, or just Les Kinsolving?


Reporter: Sheriff, I understand none of this is politically motivated -- but surely the Republican Party would be interested in anything that threatened to cast a shadow on this President. Have you contacted the GOP candidates or their campaigns, or the GOP leadership in Washington? What are going to do?


Reporter: I understand you aren't accusing the President of anything -- it sounds like he could be an innocent victim of some kind of hoax or maybe even somebody inside the White House trying to harm him. Have you alerted the President so he can undertake his own investigation?


Reporter: I noticed you spent a lot of time on the so-called "long form" birth certificate, which isn't really the normal, official birth certificate produced by Hawaii these days. Does this mean you accept the COLB that the President released almost FOUR YEARS AGO as genuine and true? If not, why wasn't it mentioned here today?


Reporter: I noticed in your presentation you used a "Control" document to demonstrate the way a real birth certificate would behave if scanned, or optimized, or OCR'd, etc. But I also noticed it appeared to have Obama's information on it. How could that have been a "genuine" control document?


Reporter: I would like a clarification about the Selective Service Form. Are you saying it's absolutely impossible for someone to have somehow arranged the stamping parts so that only the two digits of the year printed?

Zullo: Not at all, as you saw, our video demonstrated that it could be done.

Reporter: But it couldn't be done by a postal worker, I guess you're saying. It requires dexterity that postal workers don't have?

Zullo: No, just that there would be no reason for them to do it.

Reporter: But if they DID do it -- frankly, your theories are suggesting far more outlandish things than that -- it would invalidate it right?

Zullo: No, but it would have been against policy.

Reporter: So in your view, government officials doing things 'against policy' is very, very unlikely?

Zullo: They would have no reason to.

Reporter: That you know of. So having his form stamped by a postal worker using an out-of-policy stamp means what about Obama, exactly?

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Exchanges that didn't happen during March 1 2012 Arpaio press conference


Post by Welsh Dragon » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:28 pm

Reporter: Mr Corsi, in the ten tears of microfiched INS records you examined how many days apart from August 1 1961 to August 7th 1961 were missing?Mr Corsi: "crickets"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reporter: Mr Zullo, I see from the handout that it was prepared by Maria Zabest - what are her credidentials as a forensic document examiner?Mr Zullo: "crickets"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reporter : Which compression software was used in preparing your "control".Mr Zullo: "crickets"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reporter: Mr Zullo, when did the USPS introduce its "policy" of only having 4 digit years on date stamps.Mr Zullo: "crickets"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and many more

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Exchanges that didn't happen during March 1 2012 Arpaio press conference


Post by Hektor » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:33 pm

Reporter: What reason exactly do you have to believe that the state of Hawaii would be biased in any investigation other than the fact that the department that issued this supposedly forged document vouches for its authenticity?

Reporter: Why is Jerome Corsi, someone who wrote a book entitled "Where's the Birth Certificate" involved in actually carrying out key parts of this supposed investigation? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

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