Mormonism: A Discussion

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Re: Mormonism: A Discussion


Post by SueDB » Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:09 pm

RoadScholar wrote:
SueDB wrote:I didn't see any M Missionaries this summer out here. Usually there are at least 2 teams that come around - 1 early summer (June) and one team in late August.

The Jaydubs opened an operational base camp (church) in the next town over (5 miles), so we get lots of Watchtower litter all over our small town.

Morman kids are usually nice and will go away when asked nicely. JayDubs on the other hand - it's like I have to show up to the door nude with a erection to get rid of them.
When I roomed with an artist in SF the Witnesses showed up the same time early on a Saturday like clockwork. Eventually she and I answered the door in black robes and white makeup holding dead chickens and black candles.

We invited them in. They declined.

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