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Post by DejaMoo » Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:10 pm

Church of Scientology and David Miscavige sued for abuse by major legal players
(We’re posting this press release in its entirety. We heard something like this was coming, and we have reason to believe there is more on the way…)

Church of Scientology and Leader David Miscavige Sued for Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Intimidation of Former Member

Attorneys representing Jane Doe filed the first of multiple lawsuits to hold the Church of Scientology accountable for its extensive history of alleged abuse including its “Fair Game” policy that demands members destroy, by any means necessary, anyone who speaks out against the abuses committed within the Church

LOS ANGELES (June 18, 2019) – Today, attorneys representing Jane Doe, a former member of the Church of Scientology, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles, Calif., alleging years of heinous abuse, human trafficking, and intimidation by members including David Miscavige, the de facto leader of the Church of Scientology. Jane Doe worked within Scientology for years, including directly for Miscavige.

The complaint filed in the case details Scientology’s disturbing practices including rampant child abuse, exploitative commercial practices, horrific forced labor, and the devastating policies that seek to destroy families and escaped former members. This includes the official “Fair Game” policy which tells members to attack, injure, harass, embarrass, and destroy anyone who chooses to speak out against the Church of Scientology and Miscavige.

Jane Doe was born into Scientology. The complaint alleges that beginning at age six, Doe was subjected to constant interrogation, abuse, harassment, and indoctrination by the Church of Scientology and its members. Doe alleges that she was forced to work under inhumane conditions for little pay in various para-military branches of Scientology pursuant to the “billion-year contract” she was forced to sign. Doe, while working directly for the hostile Miscavige, observed him assault and orchestrate attacks on other members. She was subject to solitary confinement and threats. Doe was threatened with “disconnection,” where the Church of Scientology instructs its members, including family and friends, to shun an escaped Scientologist. She ultimately escaped Scientology in 2017. After she left, Doe states that after speaking out against Scientology, she was subjected to persistent public attacks, which included innumerable false statements published online and on social media.

Attorney Brian Kent of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP said, “Scientology for decades has sought to quash dissention, cover up its long history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of its members, including its most vulnerable members, its children, and weaponize its doctrine against those who escape and find the courage to speak up. This is just the beginning and we are not going to stop until they do.”

“There is no religious liberty defense for harming others,” said Marci Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania Professor and CEO and Academic Director of CHILD USA. “The CSI believers have the right to believe anything they want. But they cannot do whatever they want. This lawsuit continues the important work of the #MeToo era to bring institutions and individuals to account for child abuse, trafficking, and neglect.”

Doe is represented by victims’ attorneys (who have represented victims of abuse within Penn State University, the Catholic Church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others) including Philadelphia attorneys Brian Kent, Gaetano D’Andrea, Stewart Ryan, and Lauren Stram of Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP, Marci Hamilton of CHILD USA, Jeffrey Fritz of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C., and California attorney Bobby Thompson of Thompson Law Offices, P.C.

Anyone with information about The Church of Scientology or who has information about victimization within Scientology can call the law firm’s hotline at 855-382-3385.

Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP is a personal injury law firm representing individuals seriously injured due to the negligence of others. The firm represents people who have been catastrophically injured in construction accidents and at work, in auto accidents and as a result of defective products. The Philadelphia lawyers also have a long history of representing sexual assault, sexual abuse and crime victims in civil actions. For more information, go to
Hit the link to read the legal complaint.
I've heard this bull before.

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Re: Scientology


Post by Sterngard Friegen » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:04 pm

The complaint is a disaster. It goes into Scientology "theology" and "religious practices" when it should be focusing on the acts of misconduct which are integral to the company and its CEO (Miscavige) who run the alleged religion. Who cares that it's a cult with strange beliefs? Lots of today's mainstream religions began as cults, with strange beliefs. Indeed, many atheists think that the current beliefs of all of the mainstream religions are strange or bizarre.

I am one of those who doesn't think a complaint should serve as a press release. My practice is to plead what has to be pleaded to demonstrate liability. And nothing more.

On the one hand this prolixity is nothing we haven't read many many times, but on the other hand, most of it is entirely irrelevant and will be used by Scientology's attorneys (who have been down this road many times) to defeat the claims at the pleading stage as an attack on a religion. So the disaster is that the complaint does Scientology a favor when it's meant to do the opposite.


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