Anti-Semitism Everywhere

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Re: Anti-Semitism Everywhere


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There's a lot of tuition payments down the tube.

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Re: Anti-Semitism Everywhere


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BBC News: Charlie Hebdo: 14 suspects face trial over Paris massacre

Fourteen people are on trial in France over the deadly attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015.

Most of the alleged accomplices are in court in Paris, but three are being tried in absentia.

They are accused of helping the militant Islamist attackers who shot dead 12 people in and around Charlie Hebdo's Paris office in January 2015.

In a related attack, a third gunman shot dead a policewoman, then attacked a Jewish store, killing four people.

The 17 victims were killed over a period of three days. The killings marked the beginning of a wave of jihadist attacks across France that left more than 250 people dead.

In the days following the January 2015 attacks, millions of people took part in solidarity marches across France and around the world under the slogan "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie).

The magazine has marked the start of the trial by reprinting controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked protests in several Muslim countries.

President Emmanuel Macron has since defended the freedom of the press and the French "freedom to blaspheme, which is linked to freedom of conscience".

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Re: Anti-Semitism Everywhere


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Today is the second anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh. :(

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Re: Anti-Semitism Everywhere


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Baruch Dayan haEmet

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