School Violence

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Re: School Violence


Post by Volkonski » Wed May 08, 2019 8:39 am

Steve Holley

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There was a shooting at my son’s school today. He’s safe, but... I’m sitting in a gym with hundreds of parents waiting to see their kids. This is the third time I’ve had to pick up my boys from school due to a lockdown. #stemshootingSteve Holley added,

The police are doing an great job of getting our kids to us. They’re bussing the kids over by grade. Started with the kinders, and have since called out 1st and 2nd grade parents. My kid is in 6th. #stemshooting

One of the police put his hand on my shoulder and asked how I was doing and asked about my son. The gym is starting to clear out somewhat as parents are called out to pick up their kids. #stemshooting

I had no idea about the shooting until a friend called offering to pick up our other son due to ‘what was going on at STEM.’ No sooner had I read it than my phone rang. #stemshooting

My son didn’t cry at first. He just said there had been a shooting and there was glass everywhere. He started to cry after he said he saw a girl who had been shot being carried out. I asked if he was safe, told him I was on my way, and that I loved him. #stemschoolshooting

I called my wife and met her halfway between our house and the school. The closer we got to the school the worse traffic became. We parked on the main road and walked in with other parents. We were waking with a dad who had yet to hear from his kid. #stemschoolshooting

At this point, they’ve split us up into groups by last name. Still waiting to see my kid, just like every else. Traffic is backed up in the area, so it’s taking the buses a while to get here. The mood is lightening a bit as more buses arrive, but I’m still on edge. #STEMshooting

My son really didn’t want to go to school today. He said he didn’t sleep well last night and really put up a fight to stay home! The police haven’t called out any grades for a while. And with that, Grade 4 is here. #stemschoolshooting

Grade 5 was just called. The police are handing out ‘reunification forms’ we need to fill out. Then we’ll all go to another room with all the 6th grade kids and parents to get our kids. #stemschoolshooting

My wife and I - and most everyone here - are holding it together. Once they call 6th grade I’ll probably lose it, then I’ll probably, no, I’ll absolutely lose it again when I see my son.

They just called grades 6-11 and what was orderly turned into chaos. I think (hope) I’m headed in the right direction. It just got really tense again.

Made it home almost 5 hrs after the shooting. Thankful to the teachers and staff at STEM and the authorities for taking care of our kids. Thankful to know my son is at home safe in his bed, but heartbroken that he and classmates had to endure this. #ENOUGH
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