Flying the unfriendly skies

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Re: Flying the unfriendly skies


Post by Sam the Centipede » Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:35 am

As RTH sez, the EU rules effectively say that if an airline messes up, it's their responsibility to sort things out. And that really concentrates their minds.

I don't envy an airline having to solve hundreds of individual problems. But that's much better than hundreds of individuals each trying to solve one problem, with little knowledge and few resources.

Whenever I go to a European airport now, I always notice that very few departures on the board show extended delays (beyond say 15, 20 minutes) whereas twenty years ago the departure boards showed a heavy splatter of drlays and cancellations.

Of course, some of that is simply more reliable equipment. But even that includes airlines focusing better on effective maintenance to keep their fleet maximally operational.

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Re: Flying the unfriendly skies


Post by Volkonski » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:38 am

Airlines Cancel Thousands More Boeing 737 Max Flights ... x-flights/
American Airlines said Sunday that it will keep the Boeing 737 Max plane off its schedule until Nov. 3 — two months longer than it had planned.

American said the action will result in cancellation of about 115 flights per day. It said it “remains confident” that the Boeing plane will be recertified this year. But some airline executives are growing doubtful about that timetable.

United Airlines said Friday that it was extending its cancellations until Nov. 3, a month longer than it had planned.

United has 14 Max jets while American has 24 of them. Southwest Airlines, which has 34 Max jets — more than any other carrier — is canceling about 150 flights per day.
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Re: Flying the unfriendly skies


Post by RTH10260 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:39 pm

An airline industry observers I follow believes Boeing will not release the 737MAX back into service as long just a single national ariline supervision authority worldwide balks at the idea. Even if FAA and ist European counterpart have approved the solution and most authorities follow these as recommendation. Even then the planes will not take to the iar immediatly, that's the time the retrofit starts everywhere as soon parts get available. Each plane will then need its very own recertification.

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