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Re: The Weight-Management Thread


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That’s how I feel about the word “exercise”.

“Activity” is not “exercise”.

Activity is a good thing and it even burns calories. But, “exercise” is exertion that requires the body to make adaptive responses. Aerobic exercise is that which raises the heart rate sufficient that cardiovascular adaptations take place. As the exertion gets higher it may approach anaerobic exercise which has different hallmark signaling and adaptations. Resistance training has yet different effects.

The word “exercise” for the type of research I am doing has little meaning and classifying the studies sometimes means paying for access to the supplemental portions.

Again, off the record, it seems to me that a tissue (simplified for this discussion) is either in a growth phase (anabolic) or catabolic state and to keep a muscle or enervation or blood supply it has to be used and kept in an anabolic state. Otherwise, the ever efficient system will break it down. This would imply that exercise is “protective” of that muscle group being broken down—- even in a calorie deficit. Without being in an “exercise-protected” mode, the muscle is likely to be broken down in a calorie-restricted and/or nutrient scarce environment. That means exercising all the muscles one wants to keep while on a diet, thereby forcing adipose derived calories to be used.

And, yes, life is very adaptive to be more efficient. ‘Lazy’ is a survival trait and the more intelligent animals can be very “efficient’. You can see it in all of our lives and everywhere. True exercise is uncomfortable at first. Eventually endorphins enhance the sensation, but “Does Youth leave us, or do we leave Youth?”

As children, the amount of reckless energy that is expended and growth health is often what people wish to regain. But how much of the loss of Youth is simply atrophied systems? No pill or simple intervention is going to rescue all these systems. Knowledgeable and targeted stimulus may improve the outcomes of targeted activity/exercise, but the systems are so interwoven that regrettably it will require overcoming developed “efficiencies” and movement with exertion. So, find something one finds FUN! Dance, play, and bootstrap one’s way back to health. If one is fortunate enough to be on the early curve of the progression of aging—keep stimulating everything.

Many of us don’t have that opportunity— pain and dysfunction make that impossible and not all pain and dysfunction arises solely from disuse. My task to try to untangle it all in a more holistic manner.
( much of the above is conjecture, and not meant to be represented as established science)
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Re: The Weight-Management Thread


Post by MN-Skeptic »

MN-Skeptic wrote:
Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:21 pm
Eight years ago I lost 70 pounds. Actually, I've kept 54 pounds off since then.
I wrote that on this thread 8 months ago.

As of today, I am 75 pounds down from my highest recorded weight.

Ok, I'm still 18 pounds more than on the day I got married, but I was a mere 23 years old then.

Last November I dropped a couple of pounds, and decided to see if I could keep away from all the sweets available at Christmas time. Funny thing, if you stop eating all those fattening candies, cookies, and chips, you lose weight! And, if you never buy them in the first place, you can't eat them.

And another discovery... my clothes don't fit any more. Ok, I've bought some jeans recently so I'm ok in that area. But I have lots of tops which are just too big. So, in the past two weeks, I've started looking around at regular women's clothes in the stores. I've bought a couple of XL sized tops which - amazingly - fit me! That is just so weird to walk through regular women's clothing and know that I can actually try things on.
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Re: The Weight-Management Thread


Post by Sunrise »

MN-Skeptic, that’s wonderful! :clap: You should be very proud of yourself as that’s a major accomplishment. :thumbs:
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Re: The Weight-Management Thread


Post by AndyinPA »

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Re: The Weight-Management Thread


Post by Volkonski »

Volkonski wrote:
Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:48 pm
Weighed 223.6 lbs this morning so I have resumed weight loss after stalling during the holidays. :) Slow and steady is my motto.

We have been on the keto diet for a year now.
At 223.0 this morning. The pandemic staycation hasn't caused me to add pounds. Started using a shorter belt today.
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