Birds and other pets

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Birds and other pets


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I lost my beloved pineapple conure today, Mango. I blame myself. I let our African Gray, Molly, out of her cage, like I do every morning and she usually sits on top of her cage and is content. Today, we heard her screeching and came running and, dammit, if she hadn't opened Mango's door and climbed into her cage. Of course, this scared Mango into leaving the cage and, since they'd just been boarded for our trip to NYC, her wings were clipped causing her to fall to the ground and one of our dogs, the terrier mix, got her before we could.

We never heard a peep from Mango, so I hope it was quick. It was Molly screeching that made us come running. This is the first time in the five years we've had Mango that Molly opened the cage door. I never, in a million years, saw that coming. I don't know why, they say African Grays have the IQ of a 2 year-old.

I'll note that one of my other dogs, Goldie, the Crestie, was also attacking Gilda in an attempt to save Mango. I can't be mad at Gilda, she's just being a terrier. Molly seems to realize something disastrous happened. Her eyes look sad and she's acting very withdrawn.

:crying: :crying: :crying:
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Re: Birds and other pets


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My sympathy. :bighug: :cry:
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Re: Birds and other pets


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So sorry. It's extra hard when it's other of our beloved animals who harm our beloveds. Love and light for Mango and those who loved her.
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Re: Birds and other pets


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That’s sad. So sorry.
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Re: Birds and other pets


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AndyinPA wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:19 pm
That’s sad. So sorry.
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Re: Birds and other pets


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So sorry for your loss.

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Re: Birds and other pets


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Re: Birds and other pets


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I'm so sorry.
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Re: Birds and other pets


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Re: Birds and other pets


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:cry: :lovestruck:
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Re: Birds and other pets


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:crying: :bighug:

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Re: Birds and other pets


Post by Foggy »

Very sad news. :daydream:
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Re: Birds and other pets


Post by Danraft »

So sorry to hear this. But, I thank you for sharing as a reminder of how fragile they are and how scary it can get is always a good thing.

I lost my Sun Conure, Kiva, in a similar incident (involving a dog) and it was brutal.
I have two 18 year old fids, and African Grey and a Panama Amazon. They both have been known to open various cage doors, tho the Amazon does it much more often. I hand fed them from ugly (cute) clumsy barely feathered critters and have nursed the Grey through a couple of rough patches. I can't conceive of (or rather would rather not) losing either of them. They are usually fully flighted and I rarely trim (unless unless they are getting uppitty).

Sorry for your pain, they are truly unique creatures. I wonder why the gray wanted in the conure's cage?

Hugs and love,
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