Ex-Chief Dorain LaCourse

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Ex-Chief Dorain LaCourse


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Addyston PD chief bought 64 machine guns, illegal rounds without village approval
https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/ha ... e-approval
Over 2,200 pages of evidence against Addyston’s former police chief show a long trail of inappropriate spending, including using village funds to buy 64 machine guns over the last 2 1/2 years ⁠— all without the Village Council knowing.

“That boggles my mind,” said Addyston Village Councilman Jason Fry. “I mean, good God. That’s like one out of every 10 residents has a machine gun.”

Chief Dorain LaCourse resigned Sunday in the wake of allegations that he bought and sold weapons using his position at the police department without the Village Council’s approval, something Mayor Lisa Mear called “unauthorized and egregious conduct” at Monday's Village Council meeting.
LaCourse also purchased armor-piercing rounds that are illegal in the state of Ohio and unusable by Addyston police, according to the mayor’s letter. It goes on to say that LaCourse kept money contributed to the Village of Addyston after selling the weapons and did not follow proper procedures with purchase orders in any of the transactions.
Shades of ex-Chief Mark Kessler.
I've heard this bull before.

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