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Re: Investing 101


Post by Jez » Sun May 12, 2019 1:08 pm

Thank you for the advice, Princess. That is where I was going to start: expense money in the bank. I might open a savings account at a local CU. They seem to have a slightly better return. My raise almost doubled what I was making, so I should be able to put the money aside.

I am going to force Dawn to sit down with me and a spreadsheet and we are going to work on a budget. She has been hanging by a thread for the last few years, so part of what I want to do is give her a breather for a few months to get a bit of a cushion. I won't drain myself, but I am going to see what I can temporarily take over so she can get back on track.

The 401k the bank offers is maxed on matching and is geared toward my age automatically, so that is taken care of. I will also be rolling the bit I have from my last 401 into this new one, probably. I am trying to have a five year plan for once. I have also learned the fine art of worst-case-scenario planning, so am going to save towards that.

Thanks again, everybody for the advice. I appreciate it. I have some goals, that I should probably actually write down so I don't lose track.
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