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Ron Paul


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We have a few 'Ron Paul' threads, but not a general one. I was thinking of posting this [link]here, ... =70&t=7054[/link], but decided to just start a general thread instead.

Ron Paul, Birch President to Speak at Anti-Semitic Conference

Don Terry on August 20, 2013, Posted in Anti-Semitic, radical traditionalist Catholic

[/break1]] ... onference/

You know, if you're a perennial favorite of bigots and racists, and you hang around with bigots and racists, you're prolly a bigot and a racist.

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Ron Paul


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An update from Ron Paul.

The 9 Most Honest Things The Newly Relaxed Ron Paul Told BuzzFeed

The retired Texas congressman now has his own online news outlet. Don’t worry, he’s still the same old Paul. posted on October 15, 2013 at 2:03pm EDT

He's bizzy. Still crazy.

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Ron Paul


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His stance on abortion is atrocious.His foreign policy stance is better than anything used in the past 130 years.

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Ron Paul


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He's an isolationist. BFD.But I suspect he would have teamed up with Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford to help Germany win World War 2 before Pearl Harbor had he been alive then.He's a dangerous lunatic.

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Ron Paul


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Ron Paul: US 'hiding truth' on downed Malaysian planeFormer Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) accused the U.S. government of "hiding" the truth behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine last month."The U.S. government has grown strangely quiet on the accusation that it was Russia or her allies that brought down the Malaysian airliner with a Buk anti-aircraft missile," Paul said on his news website Thursday. U.S. officials believe the plane was brought down by a missile likely fired by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. The U.S. and Europe have slapped tougher sanctions on Moscow for providing the rebels with weaponry and assistance.Paul, though, questioned that account and said the U.S. could be more forthcoming with information."It’s hard to believe that the U.S., with all of its spy satellites available for monitoring everything in Ukraine, that precise proof of who did what and when is not available," the former lawmaker and GOP presidential contender said. [/break1]com/policy/international/214750-ron-paul-us-hiding-truth-on-downed-malaysian-plane] ... sian-plane
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Ron Paul


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Hey Ronnie, here's a thought. Maybe they do know exactly who shot the plane down, and when, but they're not telling you because you're a nobody.
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Ron Paul


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or because releasing that info now might cause problems with the investigation (or some other problem along those lines...)
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Re: Ron Paul


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A little thread necromancy here.

Ron Paul tweets an extremely offensive Ben Garrison cartoon

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Re: Ron Paul


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I read he took it down. I'll bet his FB page is a delight. :sick:
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Re: Ron Paul


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It was a "staff member" and the "mistake" has been removed.

I don't have any "staff members" who would make that kind of "mistake."

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Re: Ron Paul


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