Tropical Depression 10 - Six TCs At Once

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Tropical Depression 10 - Six TCs At Once


Post by Orlylicious »

Well, the break is over.
Philippe Papin @pppapin 3 hours ago

We are in an record-tieing period of TC occurrence in the Western Hemisphere!

Six TCs are observed today in the EPAC & NATL basins combined (#Kiko, #Mario, #Lorena, #Imelda, #Humberto, #TD10).

Thanks to the @NHC_Atlantic for keeping track of everything in this busy period!

TD10 is getting a lot of attention, models are showing it strengthening but currently staying out at sea. But, the convection indicates the strength may push it south which means Bahamas again. Those poor people, God bless them. Next advisory at 11pm EDT. We're many days out, but it's worth keeping an eye on.


World Kitchen keeps being amazing, they've served over 250,000 meals (!) and even installed sea water to drinking water equipment.

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