Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol

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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by Dolly » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:32 pm

06/25/19 02:52 PM EDT
Democratic leader concedes on Oregon climate bill after Republican walkout

The Democratic leader of Oregon's state Senate on Tuesday said that a sweeping climate bill did not have votes needed to pass after Republican Senators walked out to avoid the vote.

"What I'm about to say I say of my own free will. No one has told me to say this," Senate President Peter Courtney (D) said Tuesday.

"HB 2020 does not have the votes on the Senate floor. That will not change."
Republican lawmakers have expressed confusion of Courtney's statement.

“The question becomes: What are they trying to do?” Sen. Cliff Bentz (R), who is believed to be staying in Idaho while the boycott plays out, told OPB.

“Are they trying to make some sort of arrangement? If they are suggesting they don’t have the votes, what’s the procedure they’re going to use to kill the bill? Are they going to call it up for a vote?”

“We need clarification. What does that mean?” Sen. Ted Knopp (R) told OPB. “Does it mean it’s dead until the 2020 session? Is the governor going to take it up in a special session?” ... republican

tweet with video in the article
Lauren Dake
Sen. President Peter Courtney to Republicans: We do not have the votes for the cap-and-trade bill. #orleg #orpol

10:12 AM - Jun 25, 2019
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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by TheNewSaint » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:26 pm

You know, isn't cap-and-trade a free market solution to pollution problems? Aren't Republicans supposed to be FOR that kind of thing?

That's what else is so batshit insane about all this: seeing the GOP take such extreme measures against things Newt Gingrich would have pushed 25 years ago. Now these are apparently "liberal" solutions.
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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by RVInit » Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:27 pm

For a party that has abandoned democratic norms - letting people vote, respecting electoral outcomes, co-operating with legislative oversight - cheering on armed mobs is a logical next step.
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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by Addie » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:25 pm

Roll Call: Oregon’s GOP senators are still missing after stopping carbon bill

Republicans stayed away from the chamber to avoid action on emissions measure

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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by Jeffrey » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:18 pm

The Oregon situation at least has a silver lining: ... -subreddit
Reddit has taken steps to “quarantine” the largest pro-Donald Trump community on its site, The_Donald, due to “repeated rule-breaking behavior” and, in recent days, “encouragement of violence towards police officers and public officials in Oregon”.

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Re: Threats from militia provoke shutdown at Oregon capitol


Post by Indigo » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:00 am

It may already be common knowledge here on TFB but in case it is not... some goals of the Oregon III% militia group are to influence, co-opt and eventually take over the Oregon GOP itself. This has been going on for at least several years now with varying degrees of success across the state.

One of the infiltration methods they use is to volunteer as Republican Precinct Committee Persons. For example, according to the Clackamas County Republicans web site:
Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are the heart and soul of the Oregon Republican Party. PCPs are the most basic level of elected partisan office in the state and form the backbone of the County Republican organizations.

PCPs get their name from the geographic boundaries known as “precincts” which are determined by the state.
More information here: http://www.clackamascountyrepublicans.o ... e-persons/

The Oregon III% leadership (disseminating from the statewide leadership and later from each individual county as the group sought to decentralize into more of a cell like, county based structure) told its membership that Republican PCP slots were easy posts to obtain in general, given that there was often not a lot of competition for them. Members were encouraged to volunteer as PCP's and instructed to keep their Oregon III% membership/involvement secret (from the GOP) and work together in a coordinated fashion to better influence the GOP statewide into doing their bidding.
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