GumBoocho's Gay Hatin' Bible Thread

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Re: GumBoocho's Gay Hatin' Bible Thread


Post by Northland10 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:32 pm

ZekeB wrote:
Suranis wrote:And it wasn't even the first English translation of the Bible, which came out 100 years previous. Hell the first evil Catholic English translation had it beat by something like 40 years.
That COE religion no doubt uses the KJV. After all it was written for them. Having attended both Roman Catholic services as well as Episcopal (you know, the sanitized made for the USA from the COE religion) services I can tell you the two are very similar. They prayers are also remarkably similar. Considering this, I wonder why so many anti-Catholic Fundies use the KJV.
I have a theory on this after reading some stuff from the KJV only crowd. Beyond the 'special language' which makes it seem more important or magical, I believe much of it comes from relying on rote memorization. Many fundies, especial KJV only types, see rote memorization as a measure of learning. They can repeat many phrases on demand and are actually expected to do this as part of their formation. This is helpful when playing their favorite game of proof texting (4 legs good, 2 legs bad). It's not helpful if you actually want to understand the overall narrative and its context, including any tacked on Christian context to OT texts.

The fundies believe they know the Bible if they can repeat parts of the Bible. This would be difficult it the wording of the text actually changed. Since they only seek to proof-text, memorizing the KJV fits their need and allows them to recall any phrase and use it to justify their own wants.

They see the BIble as a rule book, so you need to memorize the rules. They do not see it as a text that teaches them who their God is and their relationship to that God and each other.

That's my theory for now.

I did not expect Gumby to return but must admit I was a little disappointed anyway. As a Christian (with theology degree, albeit liturgy and music), I finally had a RWNJ that I could debate with on a subject where I had some more experience than I did in law. Oh well. I doubt he was interested in listening anyway. His type rarely are.

On a side note, most American Episcopal churches currently use the New Revised Standard Version, even for our Rite I (old English, Thee/thou) services.
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Re: GumBoocho's Gay Hatin' Bible Thread


Post by RTH10260 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:05 pm

magdalen77 wrote: When I was going to a born again Christian type church it was amazing to me how many people thought that the KJV of the Bible was the "original". People would look at me very skeptically when I told them that the original NT was mostly written in Koine Greek and the OT was written in Aramaic. If they accepted that, then the next argument would be that the KJV was translated much closer to the time the original texts were written. Yes, wow, 1,600 years after the NT was completed rather than 1,970. Big difference :roll: .
Back more than a decade I stumbled over that American guy with a website, who insisted that the original scriptures (!) be rewritten to match up with the KJV :!: :o :think: :think: :brickwallsmall: :roll: :brickwallsmall: :doh:

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Re: GumBoocho's Gay Hatin' Bible Thread


Post by magdalen77 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:36 am

For a group of people who claim to know their Bible American fundies tend to be pretty ignorant of the history of the Bible. A lot of it has to do with their contempt for seminaries.

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